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tv   News  ABC  May 10, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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across the region are rather comfortable. 48 a little cool around baltimore. and we are 40 up towards york, pa southern maryland 57 at pax river and that's the benefit being by the chesapeake bay. and it's clear this morning. we will have a lot of sunshine mixing with few clouds this afternoon. almost a repeat of yesterday as we will aim for the two degree guaranteed high of 74. rise coming up just a few minutes at 5:59. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> reporter: thanks. if there was a morning that you wanted to get an early start to your commute, this is a good one. we don't have any accidents reported. very few delays. hardly any and very light volume as you make your way out the door. looking live at cameras, traffic is looking good in 895 in both directions past o'donnell street. no problems past the fort mchenry tunnel. traveling 95 through white marsh, that's 6 minutes between white marsh and 695.
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and looking at the maps, no problems towards the capital beltway region. downtown baltimore light and conway streets you could see lanes taken away. avoid that by using pratt or charles. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. news time 5:31. times of crisis volunteers are often there to lend a helping hand. with many in parts of alabama and mississippi, assisting with that tornado ravaged region, attention shifts to the flooded banks of the mississippi river and volunteers with maryland, the red cross here are headed to help. linda so joins thus morning with the story. linda. >> reporter: -- joins us this morning with the story, linda. >> reporter: later this morning red cross volunteers will help to help out. phillip has assisted hundreds of families displaced in fires. now he heads to the south to help those who have been displaced by the floods. the good news is that flooding in memphis is not as bad as was expected. it was isolated mostly to low lying areas. so it looks like the landmarks in graceland and beal street survived without damage.
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now the attention is downstream to the mississippi delta and baton rouge where the river is expected to crest over the next few days. the army corps of engineers opened up a levee near new orleans to releigh leave some of the pressure. >> if we didn't have the elements that were put in place in 27 here today, this would be a massive disaster that would dwarf hurricane katrina. it would be easily the most enormous disaster in american history. >> reporter: you can track the latest on the flooding in the south on the website at if you go to the main page the second story on the slide show, the latest information where theriver is supposed to crest today and over the next few days, also we have a link up for you. if you click on that it will bring you to this page. a pretty interactive map that shows where the levels are today, where they were in the in 1937 during the historic flood and it will track the information in illinois, down
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to tennessee, where memphis today, the river crested about 48 feet, also mississippi is really bracing for the brunt of this where the river is expected to top 64 feet. so we are talking a lot of water here. also, on the page, under the weather section, we have an interactive map for you. i want to show you something. today, in memphis, that's where the worst of the flooding is, it will head downstream over the next day vixburg, mississippi 250 miles from memphis, they are supposed to see a lot of flooding tomorrow. also, if you scroll down a bit with me here, on thursday, supposed to hit bat op rouge louisiana. those are the big cities that the flooding is supposed to hit really bad. vixburg mississippi tomorrow, baton rouge, louisiana on thursday. so it's not over yet. we will be keeping a close eye on the situation there. but obviously, the flooding is something like they have never
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seen in years. 1937 was the historic floods and they are talking about it getting that bad today, tomorrow and over the next few days. so we will keep a close eye on that. but again you can find the latest on live in the interactive news center, linda so, abc2 news. 5:34. thanks a frightening ordeal in baltimore county a woman runs a car off the road into a pond. firefighters say that woman lost control of her car yesterday morning on the outer loop of i-695 between dulaney valley road and york exits. firefighters used ladders to rescue her. no word on how she is doing. the developing story out of pasadena a neighborhood is very cautious after an 88-year-old woman woke up to find a stranger standing over her bed. police say that suspect covered her mouth as she tried to scream. someone else in the home heard her and that's when the suspect took off. the police say the woman was not able to give a detailed description because it was dark and the suspect was wearing a
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mask. this is not the first case of its kind in the area. anne arundel county police worked three very he similar cases in the same pasadena neighborhood. authorities can't say for sure if they are connected but they are investigating that possibility. [ beep ] >> chaos in ohio. a suspect michael is i-- merse is accused of sexual a-- meres is accused of sexual asay. he flew into a rage and jumped out of the wheelchair and was restrained. >> unbelievable. i don't know how it happened. >> we couldn't come up with something like this even in hollywood. >> weird situation in the seattle hospital park garage a woman crashed her car through the wall and then the veg vehicle plunged down an unused
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elevator shaft. the driver was not badly hurt. look at this video. surveillance balloon from the customs and border protection crashes in arizona. the antidrug radar system came down from strong winds causing damage to one rest didn't's car and landing on power lines. -- resident's car and landing on power lines. who is picked as the man to replace gary williams as the terps basketball coach. and is peat derogatory word? some say yes. >> i am offended. >> that's not the only word they say we need to eliminate. the list of words causing controversy. we have your thoughts when we come back. [ barbara ] i was the firstborn. my dad, he expected a boy --
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little sports. mark turgeon from texas a&m agreed to be the new head basketball coach for the maryland terrapins. he was went to 4 straight ncaa appearancance has close ties to baltimore aau teams. he will replace gary williams in college park. this morning, towson
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university is looking for men's lacrosse coach. the head coach is nounsed he is -- announced he is stepping down. he is a lacrosse hall of famer that first and only coach to lead three schools to the ncaa tournament and one of two to wint national coach of the year with two separate schools. he is expectedded to stay on at the university and to help whereby -- expectedded to stay on at the university and help with fund raising. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. it's 19 minutes beforerise. rise before 6:00 which means now we get to show you more cameras across the area and how about the beautiful shot in annapolis as we are looking at nice bright sky over the severn. clouds off to the east off the delmarva. but overall we have a beautiful look. temperatures by the water at the naval academy 55 with wind out of the north at 8 miles per hour. we will go a little bit farther up to the north by the harbor school near the cape and good morning to all my fine friend at cape st. clair.
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we are looking at 54 degrees, calm winds there this morning once you get away from the water it eases up. a band of clouds we were seeing on the satellite on the visual image on the satellite showing a push off the coast this morning. cloud to the northwest may creep in and a few invade the sky. mostly sunny a high of 74 this afternoon. let's see what's happening on the roads with kim. >> reporter: justin, if you catching the mta, everything is running on schedule. local bus metro subway and mark train -- marc train and light rail and mobility service is running on time. looking at roadways, we are seeing sparse illumination of brake lights. nothing too serious look live at 895 south at o'donnell street of the north bound lanes looking clear. no major problems or accidents reported looking at drive times heading on the beltway west side 7 minutes from 795 to i- 70. across the top side bel air to providence. only 6 minutes this morning. 95 and 8 3ás checking out with no delays -- 83s checking out with no delays. downtown light and conway streets could have lanes
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blocked and best get around it using charles or pratt street. aside from that we are off to a quiet start on the roads. now back to you. >> thanks. time, 5:42. this story has become the hot topic on the website. and it's about political incorrectness. words that have come out that could have you scratching your head this morning. they include words pest, very manyon and wild animals and the word pet. some say it's derogatory. probably what you call your dog or cat. the editor at journal of animal ethics say they should be switched to words like and man companion or free roaming instead of wild animal they say pet and owner are derogatory and come at a time when animals need to be -- doesn't need to be perceived as property. we want to know what you think. of course, you can always weigh in. if you want to read more about the story and leave your thoughts, you can do that on
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5:46 right now. before the checkered flags and roar of the engines, the track has to be built. that means a lot of orange cones and delays for you. sherrie johnson is live in the areas that you need to avoid. sherrie. >> reporter: yes, we are here at conway and light streets. and you can expect lane closures in this area because of some of the road repairs. now you can see what i am talking about here with all the barrels in the road. you can see some of the construction equipment here and they will be resuming work. and just -- in just a few hours. traffic is starting to pick up this morning as rush hour kicks off. this is all in preparation for
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the baltimore grand prix that scheduled for september labor day weekend. crews are breaking down the intersection working on pick a and utility projects. city department of transportation says about 30,000 cars traveled daily through this intersection of conway and light streets. many cars make a right on conway to get out of the city heading to 95. the lane closures are causing make delays which is frustrating for some drivers. >> we were stopping here to get something to eat and thought it would be quick many we didn't know we would be sitting here. >> it will be a good thing but right now it's a pain. >> reporter: now this project is basically expect to take 5 to 6 weeks. and once again, city transportation officials encourage folks to avoid using conway street and you can log onto to figure out alternate routes. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. news time 5:47. today maryland governor o'malley will sign a bill creating a prescription drug monitoring program for the
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state. then he will head to baltimore and be beyond by the white house office on national drug control policy for a round table discussion. the representatives from law enforcement and medical and pharmaceutical will attend the meeting. streams in the chesapeake watershed are in pretty bad shape. sampling of nearly 8,000 streams sites between 2000 and 2008 found 55% were in poor or very poor condition. however, the data didn't show reductions in key pollutants over the past 25 years. bike to workday. >> get on your bike. >> yeah. may 20th. organizers say they are going to hope to register thousands of riders this year's event featuring 50 pit stops throughout dc maryland and virginia. and participants can get a free t-shirt and think oscar will wear a t-shirt? >> i do. >> you can get snacks and drinks. organizers say biking is great
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for your health and wonderful for the environment. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. fantastic weather shaping up and continuing sometimes the best weather is in the month of may here in maryland. 74 degrees on target with the two degree guaranteed high for monday and on target with what we expect. lows during the morning into the 40s and yes on this 10th day of may we expect 50 and 72. we have a report of 33 in 1983. you have to go way back to 1896 to find true summer heat of 96 degrees. one minute before six. eight minutes after 8 for the sundown and good chance to see it most of the day with high pressure in control. a few clouds may be across the sky. one disturbance producing showers across the great lakes. we will have a milky white
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texture to the skies. there's not a lot of moisture to give us anything other than cloud cover. a large system off the coast that you will see the area of low pressure sin sitting and spinning providing us with the cool wind. we will have the wind out of the north keeping us cool. and keeping us with a low humidity. moisture and heat on back towards the southwest will hold off until the end of the week. and as we check out the future radar. the influence of the systems we are trying to throw in clouds and we will increase the chance of afternoon clouds mixed in with the sunshine over the next couple days. overall great weather to expect for the next few days. and we will hold off showers until the weekend. today, highs of 74. that's the two degree guarantee with mostly sunny skies. there will be high thin clouds mixed in. and that could dim the skies from time to time. call that partly cloudy. overall, though, it should be a bright day. and it will be a dry day and comfortable day. we are back into the 40s for most places overnight. the time of the year that
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downtown and anywhere by the chesapeake show the colors. and the warming influences of the bay. but after we get through that, we are looking at the outlook that shows temperatures climbing into the mid and upper 70s for wednesday and thursday. call that partly cloudy. as we go into friday, we will introduce the threat of scattered showers and while it looks a little ominous in a weekend forecast through early next week, i wanted to highlight those were showers. temperatures will drop into the low 70s and there will be more cloud cover but it won't be a washout. more of the hit or miss typical spring variety showers. >> reporter: again, so far so good on the area roads this morning. we are accident and for the mayst part incident free. we have reports of some fire activity in baltimore city near brooklyn park. as we look live at 895 at o'donnell street exit, no problems in either direction north or southbound. 695 volume is picking up a little bit. not a lot to slow you down out there. traveling through anne arundel county no problems reported on
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97 or route 50. but we have fire activity reported on east pontiac avenue that's between 8th and 9th street. you could see lanes blocked there. some fire equipment and other vehicles on the scene. but for the most part that's the only incident of the morning. traffic is off to a good start. no problems at area bridges or tunnels. megan and charley, back to you. >> thanks a lot. o's fans listen up. you have a chance to get treasured keepsakes from earl weaver. hall of famer is auctioning off 47 items including 1970 world series ring and jerseys given to him by cal ripkin junior and murray e can't divide the items up equally among children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. none you are getting any of it. he will auction it off and divide the money evenly among the -- anly among the family. -- evenly among the family we have heard so much bad news in the automotive
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time for five things to know before going out the door. governor o'malley sign the dream act the bill passed by lawmakers to allow instate tuition for illegal students. two lawsuits challenge the health care reform law will be heard in virginia. the fight is over whether there should be a mandate for all people to buy insurance by 2014. and general motors plans a big announcement and plans to launch two billion dollars in new investment at 17 facilities in 8 states. an expansion of the operation will add 4,000 new jobs. also, word is microsoft close to buying skype. a web chat and video conversationing company. wall street journal is reporting the deal could be worth close to $8 1/2 billion dollars. today astronauts that blew aboard discovery's last flight withl visit national headquarters in washington to give a presentation about the 13-day mission. we are four minutes away from six. he should have been celebrating a mother and instead, he
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decided to do the unthinkable. >> up next, what a son did to his mom that land him in jail for mother's day. also ahead this morning, how long should you wait to get a ct scan for your child after an injury on the head? and if you are single and looking for love, baltimore may be the right place to be. more of that coming up in the second hour of "good morning maryland." >> i don't know about that. e ds in cranberry and pomegranate blueberry. they have bubbles and come in these really cool cans. it's real fruit juice, crisp sparkling water, and no added sugar. comes in diet, too. it's refreshing, tasty -- the whole family will love it. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mmm. refreshing. real juice. real bubbly. find it in the juice aisle.
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now "good morning maryland." grand preis coming to baltimore. time to get road in order. the problem this morning parts of downtown may look more like a parking lot. flood waters exceeding deadly levels along the mississippi. maryland volunteers are now gearing up for help. it's official. thanks gary williams and hello, mark turgeon. more news for the basketball coach for the la


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